Air Filtering Objectives

There are many ways to clean or filter the interior air in a home or building. The goal is to eliminate air born particles which are negatively impacting our health or comfort. Generally, there are three main types of particles which we are concerned about, dust, smoke, and fumes.

Smoke will remain suspended in the air while the others will settle after a time. Specialized air cleaners are available and for some people, these will provide a real benefit. For most people the filtration products available to work with your central air system are sufficient.

In order to clean the air effectively and allow the air conditioning system to operate efficiently and as it was designed, the following criteria should be considered:

  • The air filter should be easy to change or clean or should be of a self-cleaning type.
  • The air filter should have the capacity to trap and hold a large amount of contaminant without adding too much resistance to the air flow.
  • The air filter should be efficient in trapping and holding dust, fumes, pollen, bacteria and smoke which are present in most interior environments.
  • The air filter should be able to operate effectively and efficiently with various equipment which may have varying air velocity characteristics.
  • The air filter should leave the filtered air clean from contaminants including those which are added in the manufacturing process to improve performance.

This may seem to be an intimidating list of requirements but there are many products commonly available which will meet or exceed these requirements. Unfortunately, there are just as many or more which do not meet the requirements. A visit to your local retailer will likely provide a wide range of available products form those which are very suitable to those that are almost useless.

The information contained in this site should provide you with enough valuable information to make the selection of the right air conditioning filters much easier.