Beginners Guide To Air Conditioning

HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Sometimes you will also see the acronym HVACR, with the extra R representing Refrigeration. This industry is a popular one for many seeking a new career as there is a great demand and the pay can be quite good. If you are interested in entering the rewarding world of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration, you will need some education. One good place to start is with an HVAC for Beginners course.

There are many courses of this type at community colleges, adult education facilities, and even online. While a beginners’ course of this type may not be enough to propel you into a successful career, they can help you understand the basics and decide whether or not this type of job is one you want to pursue. After completing one of these courses, you should have a better idea about whether or not you would enjoy working as a heating and cooling professional. You might also want to check out a few books on the subject. One good title is The HVAC Handbook by Robert C. Rosaler.

Once you decide you want to pursue a career in heating and cooling, you may want to take a more extensive class or define a specific area you want to study. You could be an air conditioning tech, a heating specialist, a home heating and cooling pro or one that specializes in industrial work. One way to get your education and certification is to study as an apprentice with a professional. An apprentice normally does not receive pay, and if they do it is substantially lower than what they would make as a certified professional. However, it is well worth it for the valuable hands on experience you will receive.

After your HVAC for Beginners course, apprenticeship and certification, you will be ready to enter the world of heating and cooling. At first, you can expect your salary to be on the low end. But as you gain more experience, you will make more money. The range for an HVAC professional can be anywhere from around $20,000 per year to more than $50,000. If you run your own successful business, you could make even more than that. Regardless of whether you work for yourself or an employer, keeping yourself educated, doing quality work and offering good customer service are the best ways to build your reputation as a trustworthy, experienced and sought after HVAC professional.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key For Avoiding Consistent Air Conditioner Repair

Many of the issues that arise over a broad spectrum of issues happen because the proper protocols and preventative measures were not taken. Often, people get cavities because they forget to brush their teeth regularly, use mouthwash, or floss. Students don’t pass tests because they don’t spend enough time studying. Professional sports teams go out and lost because instead of practicing on the things their coach told them to, they spend their summers traveling the world. In terms of this last example, you can’t really blame them. The point here, though, is that if people simply took the time to make sure that things were going well and that they were preparing, they could have saved themselves from negative outcomes. This logic applies to the home as well. For example, before you turn you water sprinkling system on in the summer, it is a good idea to have someone come by and check it out to make sure that everything is in order. If you don’t do this, you might turn on your system and suddenly see a huge amount of water burst through a hole in one of the sprinkling pipes. This goes for your air conditioner as well. Preventative maintenance is key for avoiding consistent air conditioner repair.

Preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system is a great idea for a variety of reasons. Before getting into that, however, it is important to note here that this work should be done by professionals. They are trained to understand any and all air conditioning systems, and will be able to identify and resolve potential issues. They also have the proper equipment to address any issues, or even identify them in the first place. Find a great company in your area that offers these services at an affordable rate. In Portsmouth, VA, Air Conditioning Specialists,, is a great heating and cooling company that offers excellent maintenance rates.

Preventative maintenance should be done for a few reasons. First, it allows you to catch any issues before they become bigger problems. This means that maintenance checks are done by running a series of tests on the air conditioning system. These tests are able to identify if there are any issues with your system. It is much better to catch a problem before your entire unit simply stops working. The second reason that these tests are such a great idea is the amount of money they can save you. Maintenance checks will only cost you a small amount of money. However, they can prevent larger problems. If you system stops functioning altogether, AC repair can be much more expensive. For example, if you end up having to replace the AC unit altogether, you could be out several hundred, if not thousands of dollars. The final reason to perform maintenance checks is that you get to keep on living with air conditioning. These checks allow you to catch and identify issues, resolve them, and then have your unit working smoothly. However, if you don’t perform them and something larger happens, you could be without AC for days.

Air Filtering Objectives

There are many ways to clean or filter the interior air in a home or building. The goal is to eliminate air born particles which are negatively impacting our health or comfort. Generally, there are three main types of particles which we are concerned about, dust, smoke, and fumes.

Smoke will remain suspended in the air while the others will settle after a time. Specialized air cleaners are available and for some people, these will provide a real benefit. For most people the filtration products available to work with your central air system are sufficient.

In order to clean the air effectively and allow the air conditioning system to operate efficiently and as it was designed, the following criteria should be considered:

  • The air filter should be easy to change or clean or should be of a self-cleaning type.
  • The air filter should have the capacity to trap and hold a large amount of contaminant without adding too much resistance to the air flow.
  • The air filter should be efficient in trapping and holding dust, fumes, pollen, bacteria and smoke which are present in most interior environments.
  • The air filter should be able to operate effectively and efficiently with various equipment which may have varying air velocity characteristics.
  • The air filter should leave the filtered air clean from contaminants including those which are added in the manufacturing process to improve performance.

This may seem to be an intimidating list of requirements but there are many products commonly available which will meet or exceed these requirements. Unfortunately, there are just as many or more which do not meet the requirements. A visit to your local retailer will likely provide a wide range of available products form those which are very suitable to those that are almost useless.

The information contained in this site should provide you with enough valuable information to make the selection of the right air conditioning filters much easier.